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Laura Taylor – Our Maths training at St. Bede Teaching School is delivered by Laura Taylor, who has over 12 years of experience of teaching and leadership in primary education. Laura is a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) for both Maths and Initial Teacher Training. She is a fully qualified Maths Specialist Teacher (MaST) and a Primary Maths Mastery Specialist for North West Maths Hub Turing as well as an NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead. Laura has been Maths Curriculum Group Lead at our Ofsted graded outstanding school, St. Bede Primary Academy in Bolton, for several years as well as other schools in Salford and Wigan in her career.
Laura is talented in providing support for staff across primary schools with high-quality, bespoke Maths training by:
• Identifying your training needs.
• Tailoring the content of Maths training to your needs (full-day, half-day, twilight).
• Reducing costs by providing one session for all members of a school or MAT.
• Developing a targeted training package.
Email: taylorl@stbedeacademy.org
Twitter: @MrsLSTaylor.

Upcoming Workshops

6 workshops for Autumn Term. Two 1 1/2 hour slots available on Mondays one am and one after school.  £20 per session or all 6 for £100. A few spaces are still available. .

Here is some feedback from learners about the course.

"I thought the training was excellent and would recommend it for anyone like myself who would benefit from Maths CPD."
Holly Matthews
'Today’s Maths workshop has certainly been a bit of an eye-opener to me. I came onto this, personally hating mathematics and quite frankly, worrying about teaching the subject. I have not had to think about Mathematics for the past 10 years and so I therefore had a bit of a barrier up, due to being out of practice. I was brought up with parents who had a negative attitude towards mathematics due to their own experiences, and this was in turn, passed onto myself through my education period. Whilst I seem to remember liking mathematics at primary school, I eventually adapted to my parent’s attitude once I was in secondary school, and subsequently, my mathematics effort and attainment fell. As you can imagine, I logged onto your lecture yesterday, slightly down-hearted and only half ready for a ‘long’ day of ‘hard slog’. Well…. What an absolute surprise this lecture turned out to be Laura! Firstly, despite some initial technical issues with Microsoft Teams, you remained highly professional and you did not let this affect the lecture, nor did you let it fluster you. Following dinner time, you made the effort to swap us all over to Zoom, something which you had not used before and can I personally say thank you for taking the time to learn something new to ensure that the technology for the lecture was fantastic for us. Secondly, yourself. You are super engaging! From the moment we began, you engaged us. Your confidence and knowledge shone through the entire lecture. Something which has really stuck with me, is you asking us “which would you rather be?” Whilst this is so simple, it was really effective. Especially the one asking if we would rather be a rectangle or a square. I never knew that a square was a “special type of rectangle”. This is something I later asked my two children when they came home from school and I loved listening to their replies and reasoning also. Variation is also something that has stuck with me and something which I cannot wait to observe in a classroom. Because you as a lecturer, engaged me and included lots of interaction in your teaching, you completely changed my perception and negative attitude towards mathematics, and I now very much look forward to observing and teaching this subject, and I hope I can be as engaging as you are. As you made me realise that times tables is essentially within every part of Mathematics. You have brought back the enjoyment of maths and I would not change anything about your lecture. I am also over the moon to know that my placement is within your school, and if there is ever an opportunity to, I would absolutely love the chance to observe one of your maths lessons. Thank you.' 
Laura Blundell