Enlightening, Enriching, Empowering and Evolving a generation through education.

Our team of Educationalists, Primary, Early Years and Business Specialists has been developed to ensure we can provide a full and effective range of services to our customers. The team includes:



Sarah Bagshaw - C.E.O .

Over 25 years’ experience driving successful business operations in a variety of sectors including a £350m turnover FMCG business. Worked within St Bede at a strategic level for over 13 years. Previously performed the role of acting C.O.O., covering for both the C.E.O. and C.O.O. C.E.O of St Bede Teaching School and St Bede Childcare Charity Understands the unique and successful way things are done at St Bede. Embraces the Christian ethos of the Trust and understands the importance of this alongside educational excellence. Spent a considerable amount of time supporting Heads of School with class observations, recruitment and mentoring staff. Major input in the implementation of the aims and objectives of the MAT, ensuring they are relevant and helping to fulfil the vision of the Trust. Created project teams to lead the development of the MAT, from St Bede Academy conversion through to the first sponsorship of a second Academy, Tonge Moor, without the use of external consultants. Network nationally to benefit the Trust and educational sector as a whole, including: advising the House of Commons Select Committee on childcare affordability, being part of the NAHT School Business Leaders' Committee to challenge the Government on their National Funding Formula and attending select round table talks with Education Ministers. Created a sound financial base for the Trust within challenging times and the Trust has been able to self-fund many capital programs under her financial guidance (e.g. additional classroom space) and build reserves to continue to do so in the future.  Email: bagshaws@stbedeacademy.org

Sarah Rostron – C.O.O and Director at St Bede Primary Academy

Sarah has over 12 years’ experience in Primary School education. She is a Specialist Leader of Education with specialisms in Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Leadership and Quality Standards. She has successfully led initiatives at St Bede and other schools to raise standards in numeracy and literacy; to improve the quality of teaching and therefore impact of both Teachers and Teaching Assistants and to improve data reporting and analysis. Sarah has also played a leading role in a number of “Deep Dive” diagnostics which have led to whole school improvements in other schools. Email: rostrons@stbedeacademy.org

Emma Balmer - Finance Director

ACCA Accountant with over 20 years’ experience.  Worked within the education & childcare sector for over 6 years.  Oversees the finance department for both the Teaching School and the associated Childcare  charity with a small team of qualified accounting technicians.  Responsible for forecasting and budgeting.  Works closely with the Teaching School staff sourcing new bids and opportunities. Email: balmere@stbedeacademy.org

June Roberts - Recently retired C.O.O. of St Bede Primary MAT

Worked alongside the Leadership Team of the MAT since its inception. Peviously worked with the Executive Headteacher and the Leadership Team at a strategic level for more than 25 years. Holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship and chose to develop her role at St Bede rather than take up headship herself. An extremely experienced teacher through all primary age ranges, Her wealth of experience includes: strategic Director of St Bede Teaching School and St Bede Charity, taking part in SLE interviews, ‘deep dives’ and other Ofsted related programmes, data analysis, quality assurance roles and observations. June is the Branch Secretary for the Bolton Branch of NAHT. Email: robertsj@stbedeacademy.org