Using Positive Education to help children flourish


“Incredibly powerful stuff –

children who haven’t communicated with their parents about school,

are now doing so … because it’s relevant!”

Head Teacher, Mellor Primary



Course suitable for: Head Teachers, Senior Leaders, Teachers,

PHSE Leads, Pastoral Care Staff


Schools today do not just aim for students to achieve their academic potential.  They also aim to develop them as emotionally resilient, happy, responsible and ultimately productive members of society. This means preparing students with life skills such as: grit, optimism, resilience, growth mindset, engagement, focus and positive wellbeing among many others.  This is why many schools are turning to Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing. It is an evidence-based discipline that seeks to help people create lives of meaning, happiness, wellbeing and optimism.  It is not just ‘positive thinking’.  It also helps people become more resilient when faced with setbacks and challenges and to cope more easily with failures, while treating both themselves and others with greater compassion and understanding.  In short it is about living your best life – independent of your external circumstances. When this science is applied in schools it is called Positive Education.  While it is most associated with the benefits it gives to pupils, both in terms of wellbeing and academic progress, is also benefits all school staff who embrace the principles and embed them into their own lives.  This 6-day course (spread over two terms) is packed with the knowledge and practical exercises you will need to make Positive Education come alive in your school community.

Among the topics covered are:

  • What Positive Education is and what it can do
  • How the brain works in relation to learning and memory, stress, worry, confidence, compassion, calmness and flourishing
  • Positive Education for different age groups (the course is aimed at KS2 but is easily adapted)
  • Developing focus and concentration
  • Dealing with big feelings – frustration, anger, sorrow
  • Facing challenges and learning from mistakes
  • Creating self-compassion and dealing with your inner critic
  • Self-worth and growth mindset
  • Improvising skills – quick thinking and mental agility
  • Character strengths
  • Gratitude and kindness
  • Increasing positive outlook and optimism
  • Developing meaning and engagement
  From the outset the course emphasises applying the skills learned in a practical way.  Sessions are engaging and participatory, with plenty of practise and discussion. By the end of the programme participants will be able to structure a series of bespoke Positive Education lessons using the lesson outlines given, as well blend the skills and techniques into everyday teaching. The course has been approved by the British Psychological Society as meeting their training standards and, upon completion, all participants will receive a certificate reflecting this approval.

Our Everyday Magic course is run by Julie Hurst MSc

Julie is a Positive Psychologist who specialises in working with schools. Through the use of positive education, she helps schools create lives of flourishing, meaning and resilience for children and staff, while supporting academic performance.
For many years she has worked with global brands creating successful leaders and elite performance through the application of positive psychology in the workplace. Since graduating with an MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, she has worked with schools throughout the UK providing practical and powerful tools that can be used in any classroom, with immediate results.
She is a member of the International Positive Education Network and frequently speaks at conferences around the UK.

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The dates for our next Cohort are:   Fri 26th  Feb 2021, Fri 12th  Mar,  Fri 26th Mar, Fri 16th Apr,  Fri 7th May,  Fri 14th May


Training takes place at: Little Rainbows 2, 30 East Bond Street Leigh Wigan WN7 1BP

Cost: £650 per teacher

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