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Our Approach


Part of our purpose is to provide or facilitate Continuing Professional Development and School to School Support to any Primary School or Early Years Setting which requires it.

We see our role not only as a supplier of resources, training and other improvement tools/services, but as a “hub”. Our aim is that by utilising the experience and expertise of ourselves and our Alliance Partners, and by forging appropriate Strategic Partnerships, we become a “one stop shop”, able to fully satisfy the requirements and needs of any Primary School or Early Years setting.

The methodology we use to deliver services is very flexible and depends entirely on the needs and budgets of those we support. Our methods include formal training sessions, “in house” training for individual (or groups of) schools, peer to peer or one to one support, exchanges, observations, formal and informal mentoring and coaching, diagnostics (for whole settings or specific areas of need), and fully bespoke packages combining some or all of the above.

The table below sets out some of the areas of support we can provide.





We have a long track record of supporting other schools to get the best out of their Teaching Assistants. We can design specific packages to cover the needs of individual schools which may include observations, experiencing outstanding practice through exchanges, planning, behaviour management (including management of general and specific SEN areas), effective team working.


We can deliver bespoke packages for NQTs and RQTs either within one school or across a group of schools, with the objective of giving NQTs and RQTs the confidence and skills they need to become outstanding teachers. Specific areas of support include:
managing behaviour in the classroom, challenging the more able, differentiation, effective marking and feedback, effective deployment of other adults in the classroom, time management, well-being, driving progress, improving attainment, embedding problem solving.

Leadership And Management

Our Alliances provide access to NLEs, SLEs and number of highly experienced outstanding Senior and Middle Leaders. They are able to provide individual support, bespoke training for a group of leaders, advice on specific issues (including complaints, change management, anything you come across for the first time), support in subject leadership or any other area of leadership and management. This support can be delivered by whatever means suits you best – formal training, mentoring, leadership programmes, even just a phone call for support or advice on any issue which has just landed on your desk!


We work with a number of experienced Chairs who can work with you in relation to full Governance reviews, helping your Governors be ready for an inspection (many Governors benefit from speaking to peers who have been through the experience), reconstitution, skills audits and improving the knowledge and/or focus of your Governing Body (GB). We can also support Heads and other Senior Leaders in effective reporting and communications with their GBs.

Raising Standards

Our SLEs have many years of experience in working with middle and senior leaders to help schools bring about self-sustaining improvements. The areas in which we can support you include curriculum enrichment; short, medium and long term planning; cross curricular/whole school initiatives; progress tracking; policy reviews and enhancement; performance management; and subject specific initiatives.


A number of our SLEs specialise in this area and the schools in our Alliances have vast experience. We also work with a number of partner organisations (including behavioural management specialists and charities) who can provide training and support.

Pupil Premium

We can provide you with a full Pupil Premium Review, support you with evaluating your current strategy and results, or give advice, training and support on anything relating to how you use the Pupil Premium for the benefit of your pupils.

Early Years

We host training on any and every aspect of Early Years care and education including creating outstanding settings, inclusion/Equal Opps, SEN, inspirational enviroments, engaging families, literacy/numeracy/every schools’ focus, indoor and outdoor provision, Ofsted readiness and inspirational teaching. We also provide peer to peer support, diagnostics, and sustainability advice and programmes including setting up a new provision, business health check, effective recruitment and financial sustainability.