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Everyday Magic

Presented by Julie Hurst 

Positive Education helps schools create an environment where pupils and staff not only survive uncertainty but go on to thrive through ‘PERMA’:

The course has been approved by the British Psychological Society as meeting their training standards and, upon completion, all participants will receive a certificate reflecting this approval.


£650 for 6 full days training
Eco Headz Project

Presented by Andy Cameron


Training a key member of staff per school to co-ordinate the ‘Eco Headz’ project which consists of 3 elements:

  • Environmental: pupils gain an understanding of how climate change will impact the environment.
  • Eco-fear: pupils understand how to manage anxieties relating to climate change.
  • Eco-mindz: pupils understand what they can do to become more environmentally friendly. 
£200 for 1 days training
Hedgehogs Forest School Taster Sessions

Presented by

Emma Lynch


Our taster sessions are designed to give participants a taste of the richness and creativity of Forest School learning, particularly in more urban settings. They offer an opportunity to meet your trainer, explore our training venue and get a better understanding of what Forest School training entails. They are open to teachers, trainee teachers, NQTs, nursery teams, youth workers, parents and anyone wanting to find out more about Forest School and/or considering embarking on Forest School training. 



£35 for 1 days training
 Mathematics CPD Course titles include:


6 workshops for Autumn Term. Two 1 1/2 hour slots available on Mondays one am and one after school.  £20 per session or all 6 for £100.
STEM CPD This year the Greater Manchester Science Learning Partnership have carefully selected courses to match the current climate and develop a network package available to 9 regions in Greater Manchester.  There are 3 primary science lead network sessions and 5 subject knowledge sessions together in the network package for £400 which are designed to give delegates the tools and knowledge to make science outstanding. ALL staff in school are able to attend the sessions with them being remote and once face to face sessions resume- up to 3 delegates per school. The courses will include teaching and learning strategies for all subjects from EYFS-KS2 and we are offering a free catch up premium plan for headteachers and science audit for science leaders to develop a deep understanding of CPD needs in their school. Additional to the network package SLP are offering a primary core program which prides itself on the breadth of courses on offer from learning outdoors, integrating core subjects into Science and developing AFL and assessment strategies. 3 network lead meetings and 5 subject knowledge sessions for £400