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Settings that would like support from an expert practitioner can request a consultation. We will deploy an experienced practitioner from our bank of support partners to complete a diagnostic visit and work with you to develop an action plan. Depending upon your needs a bespoke programme of support can be devised. We understand the pressures that many PVI settings face regarding financial sustainability and so we strive to keep costs to an absolute minimum. Please contact teachingschool@stbedeacademy.org for further details

Our support partners were all recruited to work with the Teaching School through our DfE funded Early Years Improvement Project which saw over 50 settings across the North-West of England gain help from one of our experts. The impact of the project was investigated by Edge Hill University and the project has helped several settings gain or sustain outstanding Ofsted junctions and some reports specifically credit the project and the leadership and management for promoting staff development through the project.

In addition, you  can access our CPD programme, or request that CPD can take place in your school or setting. If you have a number of staff who need training, it is often more affordable to have the training at your own setting for a flat fee rather than book on a per person basis. This also means the training can be tailored to your individual needs.